Dr. V K Upadhyaya

Specialization :
Dermatologist (Head of Department)...
Hepatitis B,
Conditions Addressed :
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Treatments Available :
Herpes Treatment, Hair Treatment, Pimple...
Herpes Treatment, Hair Treatment, Pimple Treatment
Qualification : MBBS, MD
Years of experience : 34 years
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 Educational Qualification

MBBS Armed Forces Medical College, Pune 1975
MD Armed Forces Medical College, Pune 1983

 Awards & Achievements

  • Chief medical Director & Managing Director of PERCOS INDIA PVT.LTD a subsidary of VEDADERM INC. CHICAGO, USA

 Past Experience


President  Indian association of dermatologists,venereologists & leprologists (IADVL) (DELHI STATE BRANCH ) 1994
President  National conference of IADVL-DERMACON  2005
President  Asian Regional Conference(SARC) OF Dermatology,venerology & leprology 2005
Vice President  INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (East delhi branch) 1993
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Treatment Details